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Bob Swan, Jr.,
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Our complete website will be unveiled soon and will provide a forum for debating and selecting the finest pure shooters and discussing all aspects of shooting the basketball, with tips from renowned pure shooters in the U.S.A.and internationally.



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Tax-exempt Organization

Tax-exempt organizations

If your focus is building the physical and emotional health and fitness of our youth and you would like to participate in a fun and highly beneficial fundraising activity, please contact us for more information.

Tax-exempt Organization


This is a website dedicated to all aspects of shooting the basketball. We will hold competitions to determine the best pure shooters in America and abroad. We will debate and vote on the best current and all-time pure shooters, amateur and professional. We will ask the best pure shooters to share their insights and secrets. We will work closely with coaches at all levels to improve the art of pure shooting and other key fundamentals of basketball—no dunking allowed! Through the competition fees, sponsorships, and sale of PURESHOOTER.NET apparel, a percentage of revenues will be donated to tax-exempt organizations committed to the healthy development of youth. PURESHOOTER.NET will become the most important website for the most fundamental and essential skill of basketball, pure shooting.

Pureshooter.net Website Fundamentals


We will have a lively debate and Internet polling for the All-Time PURESHOOTER.NET Amateur Team and Pro Team, We will share stories and see videos of all-time pure shooter performances at all levels. We will learn the secrets, the special tips for pure shooting.

Pureshooter.net Basketball Competitions


We will conduct local, state or regional, and national PURESHOOTER.NET CHAMPIONSHIPS, both amateur and pro, with the final objective of a head-to-head competition to determine the best overall PURESHOOTER.NET CHAMPION. We will conduct these competitions in unisex categories, because we believe many future PURESHOOTER.NET CHAMPIONS may well be female.

Pureshooter.net Basketball Championships


We will ultimately hold competitions for the copyrighted PURESHOOTER.NET CHAMPIONSHIPS: The overall PURESHOOTER.NET Champion, PURESHOOTER.NET Three-Point Champion, and the PURESHOOTER.NET Free Throw Champion. We have already begun discussions with representatives in other countries, such as Russia, for an international competition, at first bi-national, of PURESHOOTER.NET CHAMPIONS.

Pureshooter.net Supports Healthier Youth


We will organize these competitions involving tax-exempt organizations focused on the healthy physical and emotional development of our youth. We will encourage the broadest possible participation of young basketballers in PURESHOOTER.NET competitions, as well as aspiring pure shooters of all ages. We plan on raising millions in the future toward healthier youth in America and around the world.

Stay Tuned to Pureshooter.net!


Stay Tuned to Pureshooter.net!
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